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LH and co jumbo balloon


Image of LH and co jumbo balloon
  • Image of LH and co jumbo balloon

This large helium balloons are fabulous centerpiece! When inflated measure 36 inches. Available in pink, white and clear these are great way to add colour and work perfectly with any of our balloon tassels of flower garlands.

Please note, extra care must be taken when filling these balloons, please do so slowly and at a steady pace to ensure they do not pop suddenly.

When inflating confetti balloons, please note that helium is extremely heat sensitive. It is best to inflate your balloon shortly before the commencement of your event, in some cases your balloon may droop due to changes in temperature. This does not mean your balloon is faulty this is science. Confetti may pool in the bottom of your balloon, it requires static to stick to the sides of the balloon for an effective arrangement. You can achieve this by rotating the balloon, shaking it and rubbing it to cause static on the inside. You may need to do this several times during your event to maintain the static. Do not fill your confetti balloon with heavy or sharp objects. Your balloon will pop.
For an effective result separate the layers of tissue confetti in a large metal bowl this can help the static.
If you have any questions please contact us prior to purchasing.

*No refunds are available on balloon purchases*
NOTE: Balloons do not include inflation, you will need to arrange this yourself.
**Lavender honey and co is not responsible for breakages to balloons from inflation.