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Q and A

Here are some helpful answers to the many questions I get asked!

How do i pick my colours?

There is a "notes to seller" box at checkout in the paypal window for you to leave colour choices. Should you miss this please send an email immediately after processing your order.

Everything is sold out?
During busy times items will become sold out due to my work schedule being fully booked.
When new places become available you will be able to purchase freely.

Can I customize my items?
Of course you can, all items are made to order you can chose from any of my available colours and designs to create something unique and your own.

How long will it take for my order to be ready?

All orders are prioritized by EVENT DATE.  You can expect to receive your items within 1 week before your event and even earlier in some cases.
For orders without event dates the normal time frame is 2-3 weeks.

Why won't the confetti stick to the inside of my balloon?
Confetti balloons require static to adhere the confetti to the inside of the balloon.
For best results you need to separate the layers of tissue confetti and rub it between your fingers before placing it inside your balloon. Confetti can pool at the bottom of your balloon, however this does not make it faulty. You can shake and roll your balloon to create static for the confetti to stick.

Why has my helium balloon gone down?

Helium is extremely sensitive to weather conditions. Your balloon can become warped or out of shape if not inflated or handled correctly. We suggest inflating your balloon shortly before your event to ensure longevity of your balloon height. On humid, hot or windy days your balloon may not survive the weather! Try placing it inside in a cool environment.

Has my order been posted?
YES! it probably has! Due to the large volume of orders shipping confirmation is unavailable however feel free to contact us for your tracking number.
All orders will be sent prior to your event date. See the "postage" section of our website for more details.